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Wild Yam Cream Deans Vitamin C DVD Discovering Good Health Vitamin B12 drops Celtic Salt Coconut Oil Colon Tea Digestive Tea Olive Leaf Extract Poultice DVD
Anna’s Wild Yam Cream: $49 100gm jar. Topical cream used to balance hormones. Dean’s Vitamin C with bioflavenoids. $39 250gm oral powder. Discovering Good Health DVDs $120. 12 One hour lectures. Dean’s B12 $29 50ml oral sublingual liquid. Celtic Salt. Fine $12.35 ,Course $8.25 650gm. Hand harvested in France Nui Virgin Organic Coconut Oil 440ml $20. For cooking and topical use Colon Tea $27 100gm Barbara’s own blend of herbs for regularity Digestive Tea $32 150gm Barbara’s own blend of herbs to promote good digestion Olive Leaf Extract $42 Australian produced oral liquid. No alcohol or sugar. Poultices and Their Applications DVD. $25 One hour of demonstration and explaination